Drug Policy Development

American Diagnostics is able to develop a custom drug testing policy for anyone needing a Drug Test Policy that is needed to begin any type of Drug and Alcohol Testing or Random Consortium Program. Our Drug Test Policy (Drug Policy Development) is molded to your specific testing requirements or company needs and can also be modified to fit your Drug Free Workplace Program requirements or to comply with all FMCSA, USCG, FTA, FAA, FRA and PHMSA Department of Transportation Modes.

Drug Test Policy’s are often required to be part of any drug or alcohol testing or Random Consortium Program. Having a policy helps provide a clearly written expectations outlining the entire testing process, drug or alcohol test procedures, specific drugs that are being tested for and the consequences of not following the rules and regulations during a drug or alcohol test. Policies are developed to fit the company that is requesting testing needs and in some cases to fit specific industry or Mode requirements that they are a person is being testing under.

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