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    Collection Site Set-up and Locating Services

    American Diagnostics is able to provide testing services to any person or business wanting to use our services located anywhere in North America and Canada, by scheduling testing through our other our network of collection sites. American Diagnostics is able to set up testing in any location needed for a one time or ongoing testing collections and we are also able to work with any collection facility that you choose to use or that you may already have established to collect your drug testing specimens.

    American Diagnostics is able to locate and set up as many different locations as you need to help make your testing program as successful, easy to use and convenient as possible, for both small businesses and larger companies with multiple locations or that have locations in other states. Completed test results that are collected in different locations for our clinic are able to all report completed test results and billing directly through our office, this insures that you are only billed for services directly through our office only and not by various other collection facilities.

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