Random Program

American Diagnostics Random Testing is designed to assist individuals; Owner Operators, groups, businesses and Drug Free Workplace Programs stay current and remain in compliance with their drug and alcohol testing needs. We are able to perform monthly, quarterly or annual random selections for you based on your specific testing needs and requirements.

What is a Random Testing Program Called?

Random Testing Programs are referred to, and otherwise known as, a Consortium.

Who is Required to get Random Testing?

Ongoing random drug testing is mandatory for all Department of Transportation (DOT) Safety Sensitive DOT Modes; which include any person that that is covered under the FMCSA, USCG, FTA, FAA, FRA and PHMSA.

What is the Purpose of a Random Testing Program?

Random Consortiums assist in picking random testing and helping individuals, owner operators, groups and companies follow their industries random drug test requirements and meet their pools random testing percentage pulls each year. Consortiums may be needed for a specific job type or industry in order to help them comply with their random testing requirements. Random testing consortium programs are required for all Owner Operators that drive Semi-trucks as they not permitted to do their own random drug and alcohol testing selections.

What is the Costs Associated with a Random Testing Program?

After you get an account set up and are enrolled in the Random Consortium Testing Program through American Diagnostics, we provide our clients with the highest quality Consortium coverage for just the cost of our testing. No additional annual consortium member fees are ever charged for program management. Consortium Program Management includes an Enrollment Letter, Consortium coverage, random pool selections, test result reporting and MIS Statistical Data Reporting and all of this is included in the price of your testing.

Most Consortiums charge a yearly fee to remain a member in their random pool program and then they charge you again for any testing performed for their Consortium, American Diagnostics only charges our clients for the cost of testing and Consortium service is included for no additional cost to you. No Cost Consortium Coverage means our clients never get billed for monthly, quarterly or annually for additional member service fees associated with most Random Consortium Programs.

Who Are We Able To Provide Consortium Coverage To?

Consortium services and coverage is offered to anyone needing a random testing program local or remote anywhere in the United States. People covered by our Random Testing Consortium are individuals, owner operators, groups or businesses, including Non-DOT Drug Free Workplace Programs and all DOT FMCSA, USCG, FTA, FAA, FRA, PHMSA, HHS and NRC Modes. American Diagnostics offers Consortium Program coverage and testing to anyone with a group of at least 1 person or larger.

Our Consortium keeps you in full compliance by making random test pulls according to your group needs or the most up to date Department of Transportation yearly percentage testing requirements. Any individual, Owner Operator, group or company that chooses to enroll in the Consortium will be required to submit to and complete ongoing random test selections when notified of being chosen for a random test in order to remain in a compliant testing pool.

Services Included in our Random Testing Program

We provide our clients with a fully customized Consortium solution, our program includes:

  • Program Management
  • Consortium Enrollment Letter
  • Consortium Coverage
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Computerized Random Selections
  • Random Notification of Testing
  • Test Result Reporting
  • MIS Statistical Data Reports
  • Continued Support/Consulting on Drug & Alcohol Testing

MIS Statistical Data Test Reports are distributed to every company or individual group that is set up in our Consortium. MIS Reports are required to be given to all individual, owner operators, groups and companies that are enrolled in American Diagnostics Random Testing Consortium Program. MIS Reporting is a requirement and the responsibility of the Consortium that is hired to provide your consortium coverage.

Random Program Management

American Diagnostics manages your Random Testing Program once you enroll in the Consortium, service includes maintaining required testing records and results in your drug and alcohol testing file for limited periods of time as defined by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our facilities Consortium is managed by our staff members, which are referred to as Third-Party Administrators. The Consortium/Third-Party Administrators (C/TPA) help assist in implementing the drug and alcohol testing program and help keep the enrolled consortium member compliant with current Drug and Alcohol Testing rules and regulations.

Our full service Consortium manages both DOT & Non-DOT Random Testing Programs for many different testing groups; this includes individuals, Owner Operators, groups and companies that require a random testing program.

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