Alcohol Screens

American Diagnostics offers a wide range of alcohol testing based on your specific needs. American Diagnostics is able to provide breath, urine, saliva, hair follicle, and fingernail testing methods that deliver highly accurate and precise testing results. Our testing is able to detect alcohol within the first several hours of initially consuming alcohol all the way up to a 6 month detection period, depending on your specific testing needs.

Alcohol Testing Services:

Alcohol Testing Descriptions

Breath Alcohol Test: Breath alcohol testing is able to detect alcohol within the first few hours after alcohol was initially consumed, by analyzing alcohol consumption levels of an individual’s breath. 

Anyone requiring Both DOT & Non-DOT approved EBT Breath Alcohol Testing is able to get this type of testing performed at American Diagnostics. DOT alcohol testing through American Diagnostics is performed by Certified EBT Technicians, our facility uses an Evidential Breath Testing Device that is approved for Department of Transportation breath alcohol testing requirements through the NHTSA conforming products list. The Department of Transportation requires some DOT Modes to have a certain percentage of safety sensitive covered employees get random breath alcohol test when selected randomly by their test Consortium to fulfill mandatory compliance requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Alcohol testing is required by the DOT when an employer suspects or has reasonable cause to test a specific employee that they suspect that the DOT covered employee might be consuming alcohol while on the job. The Department of Transportation (DOT) also requires alcohol testing for any person that has a post accident happen on the job. Drug and alcohol testing is also required when a DOT/USCG covered employee has a serious marine accident.

ETG/ETS Alcohol Test: Ethyl glucuronide (ETG) alcohol testing is a Lab based urine test that is able to detect alcohol consumption up to 80 hours after use. ETS screen should always be performed in conjunction with ETG alcohol test at Laboratory to help ensure the ETG test result in being completely accurate.

ETS Screen: ETS screening is performed by the laboratory during an ETG test, it is very important because it prevents false positive alcohol result findings from being reported. ETS screening enables detection of specific test markers in people that end up being diabetic. If these specific markers are not screened by the laboratory during a ETG urine test they would result in the test showing that it was positive for alcohol, even if no alcohol was consumed during that specific 80 hour period.

Alcohol Saliva: Alcohol is able to be detected in saliva for several hours after consumption. We are able to get fast and accurate test results for individuals or companies that require that type of testing. Saliva alcohol testing is often used by employers that suspect employees have consumed alcohol during work hours or when they have be involved in any type of post accident situation on the job.

Alcohol Hair: Alcohol is now able to be tested in hair which provides results that able to detect alcohol accurately over a 3 month period of consumption. This type of testing is often used by Attorneys during custody battles or that request their clients have a court admissible drug and alcohol test that is performed by a Certified and Accredited testing clinic.

Alcohol Fingernail: Fingernail testing is able to detect alcohol consumption for a 6 month time frame, making this type of testing the longest detection method available for testing for alcohol that is currently available on the market.

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